Doctor Joann Murphey - Forensic Psychologist Minor-Not Culpable

      The 55 page forensic psychologist report for the defense, found bryce not culpable in any part of the case against him. She also found my child to be a child and not an adult. Her report was never
presented to the court. She also told them that Bryce had stopped taking his medications. This doctor was told that Bryce was the shooter.

     The defense hired a well known forensic psychologist for the adult certification hearing.  Her findings confirmed his two disorders that are covered under Federal Law, The Americans with Disability Act. His Cognitive Disorder/Developmental Disabilities as well as his well documented history of being successfully treated while in my care and by his same Florida doctor since he was 4 years old. 

     This forensic psychologist for the defense of my child had also documented important fact of Bryce’s life since moving to Texas, especially in the year 2009 and months leading up to his arrest.   She noted that for over half a year our son had been abusing drugs and alcohol daily.  He could not have be a mastermind,  nor the planner of this tragic crime

     Adults in Texas made False statements about me as a mother and about my own health. False statements were made about his doctors in Florida and of their care of Bryce. She wrote that their statements were contrary to Bryce’s well documented history. 

There is nothing to substantiate their claims, the fallacies originated in Texas.

I am  concerned for my son

Thank you everyone for your compassion and Prayers for brycesetonvandergrift.

Bryce's father David L Vandergrift paid the lawyer. 
Both my and our sons rights were violated. 

                                                               Doctor Joann Murphey

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