-it breaks my heart

it breaks my heart that my son was framed for murder then abandoned by the system at age 15. Let that sink in. What would you do if it were your child? I miss him dearly : ... (  
Please pray for justice with me. 

 I believe he was 5 years old here. He had invited some friends over.Florida
 Here I believe he was eight years old. We went to the Tampa Museums. We had the best times. He's on his meds, on his treatment plan. His Tourettes was prominent. I  helped to build up his confident by nicknaming him Ace or aceman. It worked! He went on to teach his class about Tourettes and I assisted in teaching his teachers and other school personnel about it's Coexisting disorders such as OCD, ADHD and other mental health and cognitive impairments. He is a beautiful soul. He had already had a full neurologist and specialist work up. His history is very well documented. Now he has schizophrenia, just as my father had. My father took his life at age 39. Yes, I have his death certificate to prove this fact. Bryce, I LOVE you Son, PLEASE, PLEASE hang in there... I'll never stop trying to find help.

please note that in the other news clips that I have, bryce looks like he's over 6'3 or more. He was the youngest in the courtroom but DEFINITELY THE TALLEST!  He was born 09-09-94. He was just fifteen years old even though the news kept saying he was 16. 

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