Dear Texas, Ombudsman & TDCJ, UTMB Staff


Bryce Seton vandergrift
Skyview Unit 01661857
379 FM 2972
Rusk, TX 75785

Dear Ombudsman, TDCJ, UTMB

 I contacted law firm and they suggested to contact you and start over. I was wrong in the way I was handling it because of my strong emotional responses.

So I want to apologize for my part in our conflicts due to my fear for my son's life. I am a mother who has been trying to help save her child

Kind Regards, 
Ms. D Marie Pelletier
p o box 891152
Tampa, FL. 33689

I Love My Son With All My Heart
Thank You For Understanding




1. Criminal History Search 3 pgs Aug 2012.

2. Code 1pg.

3. Police Report 1 page, Victim C, name's his own son, 03 Nicholas Daniel Cantu.

4. Police Report 42 pgs

5. Supplemental Report 10pgs 07 Jan 2010.

6. Original Petition Waiver Jurisdiction and Discretionary Transfer to Criminal Court 2 pgs 14 Jan 2010.

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8. Juvenile Docket Sheet 2pgs 04 May 2010 - 16 July 2010.

9. Waiver of Jurisdiction and Order of Transfer to Criminal Court 4pgs 26 May 2010.

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23. Judgement of Conviction by Court Waiver of Jury Trial 2pgs 16 July 2010.

24. Committment Notice 1pg 17 July 2010.

25. Waiver Consent to Stipulation of Testimony and Stipulations 16 July 2010.


Please remove all these charges,  and return my son to me here in Florida. I will need funds for Bryce and I to live somewhere. I'm low income. I rent a room. We don't need much. Also, his same childhood doctors are here, Psychiatrist and Psychologist, and Neurologist.

 Bryce will need health care so he can get back on his successful treatment plan. I know how to take care of my beloved son. I will help him to have a life.

Kind Regards,

I was born in Boston, I am of Turkish, Armenian and Italian decent. My last name is my father's, who was French. I am in my 50s.

Also, I have never been arrested or Evicted. I do enjoy a drink but I am not an alcoholic and I do not have any drug addictions. I do take a lot of supplements / vitamins. I think my credit score is 700.

My current total debt is 7k. My income is enough to pay bills. I am a good woman but I do not date. I only want to help my son.

I still feel guilty that I got sick at end of 2013 and lost my mobile home and became homeless more than once. Then I learned from another vet about a homeless program. My son doesn't know about my being homeless.

 I started getting well at end of 2018. For those years I was unable to actively seek help for my son. That is where my guilt comes from. Though I do have a mental illness, and still dealing with mild Tourrettes Syndrome and rebuilding my immune system...

The percriptive meds I am on are 20mg of flexiril in eve. It helps with anxiety and mild help for muscle movements. I take 3k mg of NIACIN daily, this helps my mental health.


Skyview Unit will be the death of my son


Help Save Bryce
FRAMED for Murder via the Victim’s
Wife & their Oldest son.
BryceVandergrift 01661857 9-9-1994
VIOLATION OF EIGHTH and FOURTEENTH AMENDMENTS RIGHTS. By acting with an evil motive or intent, or with reckless or callous indifference.
A list of professional persons in the state of Texas, that I have requested assistance from, for my son in this on going matter. The list includes those that ignored my pleas for help to save my son and those that misdirected me, gave me the run around and or flat out lie.
πŸ’° $1,273.80 = RECEIVED EVERY 30 DAY’S
πŸ’° πŸ’° $3,697.80 = EVERY 60 DAYS, “OR”
SEGREGATION CELL. aka the hole.
FOUR MONTHS = OVER 7K tax payer πŸ’°
GO LOOK AT MY SON AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. They REMOVED HIS SCHIZOPHRENIA DIAGNOSIS “AGAIN” AND PUT HIM IN THE HOLE, Mid DEC 2019- Bryce also has MAJOR DEPRESSIVESIVE DISORDER. They then diagnosed him with “SEVERE PSYCHOSIS, I exspresed that psychosis is a SYMPTOM of schizophrenia. It runs in my blood family. They seriously don’t appreciate when you advocate for your child, they take it personally. I’m just trying to save my child from dying at the hands of ADULTS.
Bryce has been a G2 for years. I suspect this unit will attempt to build a false BEHAVIORAL disciplinary case history against my son. Some how Bryce will be blamed. He’s conditioned to reply with… I’m okay.
If an inmate speak out about any form of abuse by those who have power over them… that inmate WILL BE TAUGHT A LESSON… he will wish he was dead. I bet he already does.
I’m being told by TDCJ, that it’s UTMB medical and mental health staff who are AGAIN removing Bryce’s diagnosis of schizophrenia. I can’t be sure because, with this diagnosis removed, it’s TDCJ STAFF that will BENEFIT by removing him as needing protection, and staff isn’t required to check on non-schizophrenic prisoners as often.
Bryce is a passive 25 yr old young man, who is being placed under brutal conditions “ON PURPOSE” by TDCJ Staff. When will Skyview-UTMB mental/medical staff report this, and or INTERVENE? UTMB website gives a list of items that lead to suicide. Yet it’s acceptable for TDCJ to force inmates into a SUICIDAL MINDSET!
He has now dropped “A LOT” of WEIGHT from these SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS NON-STOP-RESTRICTIONS & PUNISHMENTS & removal of his true diagnosis…
My son is over 6 ft tall. HIS TEETH are now the size of a five year old. HIS SKIN IS TRANSLUCENT WHITE from LACK of NUTRITION & LACK of SUN. HIS EYES LOOK SUNKEN IN. Just Twenty five years old and he’s dying.
Bryce Seton Vandergrift 01661857
I’m still trying to find out if his commissary funds have been stolen.
  • ***waiting for reply or call ***
  1. -Skyiew Wardens Secretary
  2. Ombudsman 50+ emails over a year. Ombudsmen’s unwillingness or inability to assist my son, has compounded his deterioration. This office redirects me, no matter if I contact who they suggest, that person says we don’t handle that here. It’s A GAME
  3. Sky Therapist Ms. Green ***
  4. Ten emails to TX Gov ***
  5. Five emails to FL Gov
  6. Organization across USA
  7. Worldwide Reporters ****
  8. Sky Stephanie R. Belcher ***
  9. Sky Capt J. Dobson
  10. Sky Capt Rogers/Roberts ***
  11. TX ACLU & similar groups in Texas. aclu never response.
  13. Heads of Texas Prison.
  14. Marie Dahlamann open records
  15. TX state senators, representatives
  16. Huntsville Debra Gibbs
  17. U.S. & TX attorney generals
  18. To be continued. Work in progress: TOO MANY TO LIST.
April 8th I contacted UTMB Supervisor Stephanie Cervantes. Within hours Skyview unit told me my son was off restrictions, he was now in a group therapy and has his own cell in the dorms…. That lasted a day.
Humans like Bryce cannot defend themselves. Not mentally or physically.
4-18-2020 Restrictions remain, he is still in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT or AdSeg, Segregation, It’s called different names. They placed him on strick restrictions, even restricting showers and drinking water. His Deterioration has exhilarated since SKYVIEW entered into his life. No tv, no outside, no socilizing, no phone calls or commissary, no visitors. A small amount of food passed through a slot…NOTHING! He was kept in hole for hours, days, months and it continues.
In Dec 2019, a reporter wanted to interview him. She didnt get to do that.
To be continued
I want my son alive and well. I want my son to come HOME, so I can get him well again.
baby please hold on. πŸ™
So many families have warned that their incarcerated loved one is in danger, they can’t take anymore abuse, they become suicidal because of the constant mistreatment. OMBUDSMENS DUTY IS TO PROTECT TDCJ STAFF. I’ve been emailing them non-stop! He looks at your report, and sends a responds back in a letter which reads: OFFENDER SAYS HE’S OKAY or HE’S FINE. You know & TDCJ knows he’s suffering… UTMB knows, SO MANY UNNECESSARY DEATHS.
I believe Skyview Personnel want to seek revenge against me for a letter I wrote on OpEdNews PRISON IS QUIETLY DESTROYING MY SON.
The Gov of Texas read that letter and had my son removed from dangerous COFFIELD UNIT where he was also put in AdSeg = SOLITARY CONFINEMENT. Bryce was reassigned back to SKYVIEW. Heard Coffield just had another SUICIDE in their AdSeg solitary confinement cell.
Please help save Bryce.
I request that my son be removed from Skyview and placed back to MONTFORD UNIT. Montford had a similar incident years ago. A 27 yr old died under same circumstances. I’m told they have not had another incident since.
Sir, GEORGESOROS and ALEXANDER SOROS, please help save my son.
justiceforbryce 4brycesbattle helpsavebryce



BEFORE YOU CONTINUE, I am requesting that you PAUSE, and look upon inmates as HUMAN BEINGS –
My son, an inmate, in your prison is
After ten years of constant communication, my beloved child is no longer calling home, or writing. My fear is that he will continue to deteriorate. The forensic psychiatrist and psychologist said he would. Their reports were never presented to the newly appointed Judge. Convicting my then newely fifteen year old, mentally ill since birth, CHILD, is in for MURDER.
Bryce did NOT shoot his best friends father. That’s in the police report. Nor is he CULPABLE for this murder. This is also in a report. In fact the news dubbed this story MURDER or MANIPULATION. Bryce was easily manipulated. The news was told to hush about my son’s mental health history. Bryce was set up.
CONVICTION is all that mattered. He’s now 25 and yes, he’ll always be MY CHILD, MY SPECIAL NEEDS BABY, MY BELOVED SON. Bryce is a handsome young man, a life wasting away. Will he ever get married? Will I ever have a grandchild? He’s deteriorating in Prison because

“HE WAS MENTALLY ILL TO BEING WITH. In my care here in Florida he was fine. Shortly after moving to Texas, to spend time with his Father, Bryce ends up in Prison. All well documented.
Prison is destroying him, destroying me. His father and our older son Brett, had abandoned Bryce, years ago.
I have called the SKYVIEW UNIT and each time I’m told Bryce is free to call or write to me. I don’t know what to believe anymore. He’s NOT calling or writing. He has received letters from TWO very ATTRACTIVE WOMEN, one all the way from IRELAND! and he’s NOT responding? Do you know what that is? That there is A MASSIVE RED FLAG!
Maybe he’s not receiving any Jpay emails, letters, books, magazines, photos and or cards that are being sent to him. This would further his deep depression. And harm our strong bond.
1. DEATH-SUICIDE-MURDER-He is DEAD via SUICIDE or Murdered by another inmate or by prison personnel BLUNT-FORCE.
2.MALNUTRITION- He is too weak due to the LACK of NUTRIENTS because the food is worse that what is served a STRAY CAT. And or because he’s being fed two small meals a day, such as a baloney sandwich, a chocolate chip cookie and a cup of contaminated water.
3. RAPE-SNITCH-INMATE VIOLENCE- He’s been GANGED-RAPED and knows if he SNITCHES, it will only get worse. If you SNITCH, your going down, DOWN into THE BOWELS of HELL. I’ve heard first hand and second hand accounts of weakened inmates like my Bryce, being knocked out and raped, then sent somewhere to have their rectum stitched up, Only to be raped again and again as in PIMPED OUT for food, favors, drugs and more.
Is this what is meant by OUTSOURCED VIOLENCE? This system, that is unable or unwilling to protect an inmate from inmate assaults. Apparently, these acts of violence are only “NOT” okay, if they are done OUTSIDE of prison. Inside is another story.
By now Bryce knows there is NO GUARANTEE that reporting RAPE is going to solve the problem. Besides the fact you would now be known as a SNITCH, It’s my understanding that PREA reports are very carefully look over, or carefully OVERLOOKED, this is done in order to keep statistics down.
4. INCOHERENT- HE is INCOHERENT from repeatedly BANGING HIS SKULL up against The CONCRETE WALL, because of the mental anguish and or he just wants to be DEAD instead of being DEHUMANIZED and CRIMINALIZED because he was born PREDISPOSITION FOR SCHIZOPHRENIA, And he has schizophrenia. Managed with medications.
5. EXTORTION-He is being EXTORTED. All his phone funds and commissary funds are GONE.
6. GOVERNMENT-FUNDS-PRISON PERSONNEL want Bryce’s thirty year sentence to be IMPRISONED for LIFE, for the sake of THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR BILL. πŸ’° Thus they have cut his ties to the outside world. Is this part of the FIRST STEP ACT? I have witnessed Laws do the OPPOSITE of what they are suppose to do.
7. BRAINWASHED- He’s once again been brainwashed to go against the only family member left that LOVES HIM, HIS MOTHER.
D-E-C-A-D-E-S. Is my son in one of these isolated spaces?
9. HE HAS BEEN MOVED- Has he been moved out of SKYVIEW MENTAL HEALTH UNIT? Is he now in an undisclosed location? Where is my son? WHERE is my son!
10. THE EMERGENCY ROOM AT A LOCAL HOSPITAL- Has he been sent by ambulance back to the Emergency Room? Is he okay? Is my son alive? Is my son ALIVE!
11. INCORRECTLY-DIAGNOSED-Did you change his diagnosis? From what I know, the mental health care is way below any viable standard. Percription drugs are plentiful. Inmates with schizophrenia are NOT suppose to be placed in the LARGER more DANGEROUS UNITS. They did this to him twice before. I’m surprised he’s still alive.
IN ENDING THIS POST I ASK OF YOU ONE LAST THING. PAUSE… Think about my Bryce and others, think about me as a
parent. NOW picture yourself, and YOUR LOVED ONE in our place. This could happen to anyone and IT IS happening.
To those that know and live what my son and I are trying to survive… It is hell on earth. IT IS BRUTAL.
PLEASE HELP ME TO SAVE MY SON. Or share our story. Drop him a letter in the mail… please.
I have thought about making videos whereby I am talking about Bryce’s tragic position. I haven’t because a lot of the time, I just cry. The cruelty that’s flourishing in PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, is trying to crush my beloved son and I. πŸ’”
I appreciate your time & consideration. Kind Regards,
Bryce’s-M❤M msdmariepelletier
PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX : GIVE ME BACK MY SON! Let me get him well again. I am familiar with this disease. My father had schizophrenia, he took his life at age 39. I have his death certificate that proves this.
Kind Regards, Bryce’sMoM msdmpelletier. πŸ’”
If anything happens to me, please write to my son and tell him how much I love ❤ him and that I never stopped trying to find him help. I would die for my son.
Bryce, I LOVE YOU to infinity and Beyond. Love Your MoM. Always remember that being your MoM has been my most VALUED POSITION in my life. OxO ❤ πŸ’”
bryce s vandergrift
skyview unit 01661857
379 FM 2972
rusk, tx. 75785

🌟 UPDATE 3/2020 TDCJ now only accepts letters written on SOLID WHITE UNLINED PAPER or solid colored construction paper. TDCJ will announce which private company we are to purchase greeting cards from.🌟
SOME recent interesting ARTICLES
NOTES: If you want to know more about prisons and or mental health. I find it best to take time to research the subject. There are lots of places you can hear first hand stories from inmates and or their family and friends and other’s.
Some things sound absurd because they are ABSURD. Such as Texas holds the Gold standard for Mental Health Treatment… On the other hand some stories sound ABSURD, yet they are TRUE. Such as There are more mentally ill, severely mentally ill people incarcerated than are in
any hospital or place in the entire United States. This business is no longer first about any crime, real or fabricated. It’s first about getting those πŸ’° funds, free to cheap labor and destroying families.
In my opinion, the main reason children are deemed competent adults, is because funding is higher for adults, omitted rehabilitation and they can given longer sentences.
KARMA? NO. The rain falls on the Just and the Unjust.
🌟Dear Fred Cantu Jr. RIP as always Much Respect.
Shortly after he passed, before the case was finished in court. His wife Grace O Cantu collected the Insurance Money. A witness told police that she said in a divorced, she’d get the house or money. He told the officer she wanted both.
Posted by Please Help Save Bryce.
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OPEN LETTER To Dr. Phil McGraw

Dear, Doctor Phil, INJUSTICE. a mentally ill brain cannot handle defending itself against manipulation. Bryce did NOT shoot anyone. That is in the police report. 

Dear, Doctor Phil, please help me save my son Bryce. In 2007 I agreed for our son to go spend some years with his wealthier father in Texas, who made maybe 84k year. I live in Florida. Bryce and I were on section 8 voucher obtained via my Veteran Status.

When our son moved to Texas, I sent copies of his well documented history, to include our divorce decree that showed our joint custody, shared parental rights intact. I sent this history to his new school and to the Wilford Hall military base hospital, where I knew my former husband, received his health care.

I didn't know that his father was leaving our son alone. I was being told everything is going great. David said he'd give our son more than I ever could. I believed my ex. I thought he was showing off, but in my mind Bryce would benefit. I wanted our son to have more. I love my son deeply.

What was happening?

Bryce's father David, and then step mother Patricia, and the new psychiatrist were systemically removing and or changing Bryce's medications, his diagnosis and his special needs educational safe guards, that have been in place since Kindergarten.

This Doctor passed away in 2016.  I have the psychiatrist records, Wilford Hall medical records. Texas educational records and his full history from Florida. 

The victims wife and son wanted Fred dead before they met my son in spring of 2009. The houses were within seven minute walking distance. I believe they set my son up to be framed and blamed for this murder.
Bryce did not shoot anyone, though he continues to believe he did. He wrote to me a few years ago,  has important detail wrong. I still have that letter. He also believes it was a Capital murder and he's lucky he didn't get the death penalty. He was told he would. 

My son was convicted as the shooter, planner and mastermind. He received 30 years with no right to appeal. Nicholas D. Cantu was deemed an assessor. Nick is allowed to appeal. And testify against Bryce should the case ever go to trial. 

The police report shows that the victim named his own son Nick as his shooter. This and other evidence against Nick and his mother was never revealed. I have these reports.

Bryce had just turned 15 yrs old, he was at least 6 ft 1, maybe taller and had failed the eighth grade. School personnel wanted to keep him back. His father disagreed with them and checked promote him. He unchecked needs special educational assistance ARD - IEP. The school now concurred with ending our mentally disabled child special needs education plans. 

A forensic psychologists for the defense, Dr. Joann Murphey was also told that my son was the shooter. As a matter of fact, everyone including the news, was told my son shot a man three times in the chest. That never happened. I have the autopsy report. It's posted on this blog.

Her 55 page report found Bryce to be a Special Needs Child. She found him not competent and not culpable for any part in the states case against him. Her report was never presented to the newly appointed Judge. I have her report.

After hiring the lawyer, Bryce's father was given plausible deniability. I was left out of 90% of the process and when I was included, I was lied to. An officer wanted the victims wife Grace, investigated. He suspected her. She was not investigate and collected the insurance money from the death of her husband.

In February 2009 Bryce's step mother divorced David. She moved out of state and remarried. In April 2013, David moved back to Florida, where he started a remodeling company. Bryce hasn't heard from his father or much older brother Brett, in over seven years. I have their divorce records. 

This is about a wife and son who wanted their family member dead before they met my son. A father who was getting rid of his imperfect child. A step mother who assisted and a psychiatrist whose own notes, show more than enough warning signs that he should have at a minimum  reinstated my son's medications and placed him back on his successful treatment plan.

I filed a lot of complaints within the first two years to no avail. I have since learned that violations get covered up.

Bryce was suppose to be protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act. His status was/is OHI Other Health Impaired.
 the images on this post, belong to me brycemom

Back in Florida he was well loved by his friends, teachers, doctors, our special needs group of friends and loved by me, his mother. Pretty much everyone has since walked away, I am broken hearted. I feel alone and almost helpless and hopeless to save my son. 

This is The Wrongful Conviction of a Minor Child in a Complex Case. Please help me save my son. I will gladly again devote my life to helping my son get well again and have a future. I am still low income. I'd start him off with a healthy dose of Niacin, B vitamins, therapy and love him to infinity and beyond. We say that to each other. Dr. Phil, he's not writing or calling me. I'm afraid for him and me. 

Sir, there are entries in the case against Bryce that discredit me as a good mother. I even turn these people into CPS. CPS turned on me. They put me down because mental health issues run in my blood family. My father had schizophrenia. I refuse to be ashamed. And I am a good mother. The 55 pg report and his WELL DOCUMENTED history from both Florida and Texas proves those discrediting statements against me and my son
are false and originated in Texas. 

Doctor Phil, being Bryce's MoM has been my most valued position in my life.

Please, help me save my son. πŸ’”. He is deteriorating. 

Fred Cantu a Navy Vet, Much Respect RIP.

A previous letter I wrote and mass emailing it out, has  Bryce out of dangerous Coffield Unit Prison and back to the Skyview Psych Unit. He's been there since before Christmas. I'm trying to keep him safe and cared for until I can fine help. I wrote to a TX State Rep, he said he was going to call the original lawyer, that was Christmas eve. I think he changed his mind about helping me help Bryce.

Kind Regards, Bryce's M❤M. msdmpelleter. marie πŸ’”

NEWS CLIP  be sure to read full description 

LOST WITHOUT YOU by Freda Ridings

 what Bryce's father was doing.....images
 AUG 2009 bryce's father davidvandergrift tells school promote our son to ninth grade, even though bryce was failing eigth grade and had failed three statewide task testing.
 brycevandergrifts father tells school to remove ALL SAFEGUARDS, no more IEP ARD that have been in place since kindergarten. I have ALL these records. We had shared parental rights/joint custody. No one contacted me or asked me and when I did inquire, I was told he was doing great.

* I now believe my ex husband wanted our son in Texas so as to keep his younger by eighteen years wife busy. Or they both had a plan to get rid of Bryce for financial reasons.

I also believe David blames me for his younger wife leaving him. I said I don't care if your married for a million years or if she divorces you in 2008. In 2008, she left him. He said I planted it in her mine. They called me upset because there is a life insurance should David die. It was 200k, I had already agreed legally for it to drop to 100k. She told me when he dies, I'm not getting a dime.  I told him, you agreed to it and ended our discussion.

David gave step mother patriciaLvandergrift power of attorney over Bryce. I knew nothing about this. She proceeded to tell the school and new doctors that I was unstable, unfit and SMI. She started to undo vital things that had been in place since 2001. Denied his diagnosis and that he didn't need these meds. Stating I over stated his problems because I'm nuts.

It's brutal to read these official documents of what she did to my child's safety nets. It's horrifying that some of what she said, was now taken as truth. No one contacted me. I made sure entities had my contact information. One doctor she took bryce too, his notes show bryce was telling him she was mean to him. It looks like bryce no longer saw this Doctor . i have his notes. I have papers that show she had power of attorney. I filed complaints and again,  no violations we're found.

Patricia did not like that her husband had a long history with me. She really didn't like that he was/is court ordered to share funds with me till death us do part. My income comes from him. I earned and deserve these funds. My divorce devastated my and our sons lives. Especially Bryce and I because David favored Brett. Bryce and I are more alike.

I have a hard time saying this but I believe Bryce's father and brother Brett, did not like or want Bryce. I believe they saw his special needs as this is what ruined our family and this imperfect child couldn't possibly share their genes. I said blame genes on my side of the family. I was fine with this.

 the 55pg  forensic psychologist report Doctorjoannmurphey
is valuable for Bryce and myself. Her report was not presented to the Judge. I think the defense was protecting who was paying him, Bryce's father davidleevandergrift.
Any record that is discrediting me as a mother and discrediting Bryce's years of success, originated in Texas.
 Bryce in Florida with me at our Tourette support group. He's the one in the background in the olive shirt. Caught in middle of a neck tic!

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Seeking Legal Representation


A state representative and fellow veteran has agreed to help me, help my son. I'm to find a lawyer preferably licensed in Florida & Texas to work with my son for a writ of habeas corpus.

🌟 I haven't yet heard back from the State Representative. I'm told it's called ghosting. 
I need a group of benevolent people to join in 
to help free Bryce. 
Bryce Seton Vandergrift He had just turned 15 years old. 
DOB- 09-09-1994.ORIGINAL CASE-2010-CR-JUV-003-22a. Arrested 12-31-2009. Crime Zip Code 78251. Bryce Seton Vandergrift-01661857.
The Juvenile Court has a new D.A. 
POLICE REPORT-090979792.

OFFENSE: F1 MURDER 1ST DEGREE- 09990019 SID-08508535
TDC-01661857 DOB-09091994.
DOCKET:A-12533 / a3840
I believe someone has made up a false habitual offender arrest record possibly dated MAY 05 2009. I did a background check on Bryce after this tragedy happened. He had no prior arrest. In the courtroom the defense told the Judge his client had never been in trouble with the law before. This was Honorable Judge L. k. Jarrett's first murder case.

Ten years have passed. He's now 25. He no longer has involuntary muscle movements. His tics from Tourettes, subsided years ago. There's more to TS than tics. His mental health is managed with medication. My Tourettes is finally mild!
Bryce believes in God. He does not swear, smoke or do drugs. He has no gang affiliation and no tattoos. He loves and respects me. Prison life is deteriorating him both mentally & physically.
The defense attorney Anthony B. Cantrell. was hired by Bryce's father, David Vandergrift, who was given immediate plausible deniability and has stopped communicating with our son since early 2013.
There are clear violations from being alone when waiving his Miranda Rights and giving a false confession in which he continued to have the details of crime wrong. No one told him there is substantial evidence to show that even the victims wife had motive, means and opportunity. Or that the weapon supposedly found near Bryce's father's home, was not the murder weapon.
A witness went to the station and told police about her involvement. The wife and her son wanted Mr. Fred Cantu dead, before they met my mentally disabled child. She was a speech pathologists for special needs children" like my Bryce. I have the police report.
What's in the courts case against my son is not what happened. Bryce's history and this case is well documented. I believe this is why I've been denied transcripts. Bryce still believes this was a Capital case and a jury would have given him a life sentence or death penalty. The court case also has fabricated negative information about me as a mother. It's meant to discredit me and is common practice in cases like this. The 55 page forensic psychologist report outlines that this negative info is also false. She told me if this case goes to trial, she will be a witness for Bryce. 
My son was told that he had shot a man three times in the chest with a shotgun while he laid asleep on the couch. Bryce said "oh I did"!? as he nearly fell backwards onto the floor tipping back in his chair, in his own astonishment! I was there. The autopsy report shows victim was shot once. Fred Cantu died during surgery at the hospital. I have the report and posted it online. Bryce continues to believe what he was told he did.

Fred Cantu  RIP. Much Respect.
A Navy Veteran. 
No one told Bryce that there is a 55 page forensic psychologist report, stating that he is not culpable for any part in the states case against him. And she found my 6'1 child, to be an incompetent child.
While EMS was working on the victim, he told police his own son Nick shot him. It's in the police report. As is a blood splattered t shirt upstairs in Master Bathroom, a shirt known to have worn by the victims son.
An officer suspected the victims wife and wanted her investigated. Why wasn't she investigated? The lawyer told the newly appointed Judge, well your honor, it looks like my client was the shooter!
I still live in Florida, Hillsborough county, Bryce is in Texas. I am a six year honorably discharged veteran. Could Bryce get transferred to Florida? He and I are all we have.




Kind Regards, Bryce's MπŸ’”M. ms.pelletier,

any benevolent people wanting to help save Bryce, 4brycesbattle, please contact me. 🌟 🌟 🌟***
BrycesetonvandergriftsMoM Father is DavidLVandergrift
bryce has a brother nine years older, he is myDavid'savids first child. BrettRyanVandergrift. Dave and Brett abandoned Bryce over seven years ago. 2013 David moved back to Florida. I have lived in Florida since 1996.

FredCantuJr GraceCantu NicholasCantu & DanielCantu
 This pic is from the news on sentencing day, it captures my sons deep frown and sorrow, after he was openly and publicly admonished in by victim's sister MelindaCastilleja, for the death of her brother Fred Cantu Jr.

 I did not attend the sentencing hearing. It was too much for me. I was under a bridge off Roosevelt street, near my hotel feeling suicidal, until I again realized that I'm all Bryce has and I'm the only one that cared/cares about him.

 It's my understanding that NickCantu her nephew and the real shooter, was not admonished. By now I am sure Melinda knows my son did NOT shoot her brother and that he was manipulated to be framed. Bryce still believes he did this.
Dear George Soros, please save my son.  

🌟 any benevolent people wanting to help save Bryce, 4brycesbattle, please contact me. It cannot be accomplished with out the help of others and or a person of influence. And or a lot of money. My son continues to believe what his lawyer and those in control of his case told him he did. 

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OPEN LETTER To Dr. Phil McGraw

Dear, Doctor Phil, INJUSTICE. a mentally ill brain cannot handle defending itself against manipulation. Bryce did NOT shoot anyone. That ...