My minor son was put into Solitary confinement.
Dear Sir or Mam,                            June 2012

                                                                              Earlier this month I heard a rumor that my minor child
had been placed in solitary confinement. The rumor is/was that my son had been raped by another youth. He had become so suicidal that solitary confinement was used to keep Bryce from taking his own life. My son is in the Clemens unit prison in Brazoria Texas. Before this he was in Huntsville TDCJ.*

I wasn't certain if the rumor was true, I was certain that I was very concerned. So I contacted the prison to inquire
about my son. I first spoke to Mrs. Hanak, who is part of the medical staff at Clemens prison. I have kept up too date with my rights under HIPAA. A medical staff member had confirmed that my son is in solitary confinement.

I then contacted Ms. Barnett, who is the person that could confirm if I am on the contact list and as the next of Kin.

Ms. Barnett refused to tell me. She was more concerned as to how I found out that Bryce was in solitary confinement.

I refused to tell her, and in return she refused to answer my question. She placed me on hold.

When we were reconnected, she continued to try and find out who told me. Then transferred me to another person. It was Major Lacox. 

He works directly under the warden. Major Lacox confirmed that my child was in solitary confinement. He
would not tell me how long. He said Bryce will remain there until the disciplinary hearing.

The reason the Major gave me for my minor child being put in solitary confinement, is that supposedly he and his new cellmate had drawn some pictures and placed several on the floor. At which point they are said to have threaten the other youths-children by saying if you step on our/my pictures, we/I will put a hex on you.

The Major informed me that in almost 2 years that Bryce
has been at Clemens and in the COURAGE PROGRAM,* he had
been doing great. This is the first time Bryce has been disciplined. I asked the Major if Ms. Barnett was going to be put into solitary confinement..... he said no.

I don’t know if my son remains in solitary confinement,or the real reason he was put there. Has he been raped?

Is he trying to kill himself? Do professionals really force Minor children "youths" into solitary confinement?

What constitutes abuses of authority? Abuse of tactics
and measures of solitary confinement? In reference to my son Bryce, which categories apply,discipline? Or is this more of a medically, mentally and or physically necessary means. For me this is abuse of my child.

What can I do about it....

Am I on the contact list? Am I listed as next of Kin?

Bryce's Mother
Bryce Seton Vandergrift.
*TDCJ Texas Department Criminal Justice.
*COURAGE PROGRAM (formerly known as YOP) for Youth Offenders.
later I found out he had been in solitary confinement for at least 7 days. He had not been raped or trying to take his life at this time, later they put him back in solitary confinement, he was asking to be protected from a beat down from some of the other youths, he got attacked more than once, as usual he was blamed for his own problems. They started to write cases against him and he went to a G4 rating fast... Because he kept asking to be protected... God Protect My Child because while he was in solitary confinement, a riot broke out. As his mother, I now consider his confinement to be a blessing in disguise. thank you God!


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