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Dear Texas, Ombudsman & TDCJ, UTMB Staff


Bryce Seton vandergrift
Skyview Unit 01661857
379 FM 2972
Rusk, TX 75785

Dear Ombudsman, TDCJ, UTMB

 I contacted law firm and they suggested to contact you and start over. I was wrong in the way I was handling it because of my strong emotional responses.

So I want to apologize for my part in our conflicts due to my fear for my son's life. I am a mother who has been trying to help save her child

Kind Regards, 
Ms. D Marie Pelletier
p o box 891152
Tampa, FL. 33689

I Love My Son With All My Heart
Thank You For Understanding



Seeking Legal Representation


A state representative and fellow veteran has agreed to help me, help my son. I'm to find a lawyer preferably licensed in Florida & Texas to work with my son for a writ of habeas corpus.

🌟 I haven't yet heard back from the State Representative. I'm told it's called ghosting. 
I need a group of benevolent people to join in 
to help free Bryce. 
Bryce Seton Vandergrift He had just turned 15 years old. 
DOB- 09-09-1994.ORIGINAL CASE-2010-CR-JUV-003-22a. Arrested 12-31-2009. Crime Zip Code 78251. Bryce Seton Vandergrift-01661857.
The Juvenile Court has a new D.A. 
POLICE REPORT-090979792.

OFFENSE: F1 MURDER 1ST DEGREE- 09990019 SID-08508535
TDC-01661857 DOB-09091994.
DOCKET:A-12533 / a3840
I believe someone has made up a false habitual offender arrest record possibly dated MAY 05 2009. I did a background check on Bryce after this tragedy happened. He had no prior arrest. In the courtroom the defense told the Judge his client had never been in trouble with the law before. This was Honorable Judge L. k. Jarrett's first murder case.

Ten years have passed. He's now 25. He no longer has involuntary muscle movements. His tics from Tourettes, subsided years ago. There's more to TS than tics. His mental health is managed with medication. My Tourettes is finally mild!
Bryce believes in God. He does not swear, smoke or do drugs. He has no gang affiliation and no tattoos. He loves and respects me. Prison life is deteriorating him both mentally & physically.
The defense attorney Anthony B. Cantrell. was hired by Bryce's father, David Vandergrift, who was given immediate plausible deniability and has stopped communicating with our son since early 2013.
There are clear violations from being alone when waiving his Miranda Rights and giving a false confession in which he continued to have the details of crime wrong. No one told him there is substantial evidence to show that even the victims wife had motive, means and opportunity. Or that the weapon supposedly found near Bryce's father's home, was not the murder weapon.
A witness went to the station and told police about her involvement. The wife and her son wanted Mr. Fred Cantu dead, before they met my mentally disabled child. She was a speech pathologists for special needs children" like my Bryce. I have the police report.
What's in the courts case against my son is not what happened. Bryce's history and this case is well documented. I believe this is why I've been denied transcripts. Bryce still believes this was a Capital case and a jury would have given him a life sentence or death penalty. The court case also has fabricated negative information about me as a mother. It's meant to discredit me and is common practice in cases like this. The 55 page forensic psychologist report outlines that this negative info is also false. She told me if this case goes to trial, she will be a witness for Bryce. 
My son was told that he had shot a man three times in the chest with a shotgun while he laid asleep on the couch. Bryce said "oh I did"!? as he nearly fell backwards onto the floor tipping back in his chair, in his own astonishment! I was there. The autopsy report shows victim was shot once. Fred Cantu died during surgery at the hospital. I have the report and posted it online. Bryce continues to believe what he was told he did.

Fred Cantu  RIP. Much Respect.
A Navy Veteran. 
No one told Bryce that there is a 55 page forensic psychologist report, stating that he is not culpable for any part in the states case against him. And she found my 6'1 child, to be an incompetent child.
While EMS was working on the victim, he told police his own son Nick shot him. It's in the police report. As is a blood splattered t shirt upstairs in Master Bathroom, a shirt known to have worn by the victims son.
An officer suspected the victims wife and wanted her investigated. Why wasn't she investigated? The lawyer told the newly appointed Judge, well your honor, it looks like my client was the shooter!
I still live in Florida, Hillsborough county, Bryce is in Texas. I am a six year honorably discharged veteran. Could Bryce get transferred to Florida? He and I are all we have.




Kind Regards, Bryce's M💔M. ms.pelletier,

any benevolent people wanting to help save Bryce, 4brycesbattle, please contact me. 🌟 🌟 🌟***
BrycesetonvandergriftsMoM Father is DavidLVandergrift
bryce has a brother nine years older, he is myDavid'savids first child. BrettRyanVandergrift. Dave and Brett abandoned Bryce over seven years ago. 2013 David moved back to Florida. I have lived in Florida since 1996.

FredCantuJr GraceCantu NicholasCantu & DanielCantu
 This pic is from the news on sentencing day, it captures my sons deep frown and sorrow, after he was openly and publicly admonished in by victim's sister MelindaCastilleja, for the death of her brother Fred Cantu Jr.

 I did not attend the sentencing hearing. It was too much for me. I was under a bridge off Roosevelt street, near my hotel feeling suicidal, until I again realized that I'm all Bryce has and I'm the only one that cared/cares about him.

 It's my understanding that NickCantu her nephew and the real shooter, was not admonished. By now I am sure Melinda knows my son did NOT shoot her brother and that he was manipulated to be framed. Bryce still believes he did this.
Dear George Soros, please save my son.  

🌟 any benevolent people wanting to help save Bryce, 4brycesbattle, please contact me. It cannot be accomplished with out the help of others and or a person of influence. And or a lot of money. My son continues to believe what his lawyer and those in control of his case told him he did. 

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Bryce's Neurological Disorder + Specialist

The Late Doctor Archie Silver of The University of South Florida.

Dr. Archie Silver was instrumental in helping my minor child Bryce, to meet his full potential.
 It was in the year of 2003 when my beautiful child
Bryce, was seen by Dr. Silver. Bryce was a patient of another Professor who worked side by side with Archie Silver at USF, Professor Amayla Ramos.

It was here that Bryce received his second diagnosis of the Genetic Brain Disorder known as Tourette Syndrome.{and it's associated disorders/disabilities}

This Professor along with Dr. Silver agreed that Bryce was a favorable candidate for a new medication
named Abilify.  His first diagnosis came from a local Neurologist who preformed a full lengthy Neurological Evaluation. Well documented medical and mental health history.

Abilify was being used and or tested for the treatment of Tourette Syndrome and it's "Comorbidies".  Bryce's response to Abilify was excellent!

The only troublesome side effect was constipation. Which was easily rectified when his long time doctor, approved for an over the counter daily stool softener. This along with a good diet, took care of the
the side effect.

 Many men, women and children are prescribed medications because they are necessary,.   Just like my Bryce.....

Their tailored treatment plans are vital for their quality of life. Some of the ways a caregiver and or patient participate in their own well-being and success, is by having a yearly physical,

keeping all follow-up appointments, schedule therapy as needed and being on time with Doctor ordered lab test. Make notes of items you want to discuss with your doctor.
Compliance is necessary.........
By bryce's MoM.

                                               on behalf of my son 4brycesbattle 

  * MY FAVORITE:  on Tourette  Syndrome "Plus" Is by Leslie E. Packer, PhD.  She COINED the phrase/word "PLUS"   
4-2006 OHI Other Health Impaired Disability.


2. Another site is. ADHD:

3. Recognition of Tourette Syndrome " AND"

5-2003 Bryce gets refferal for Neuropsychiatric Evaluation at
Florida Diagnostic USF with
Dr. Archie Silver.
------------------------------------------- NOTE:  There's MORE to TS & ADHD than just the tics and or hyperactivity.

When I read an article that is mainly "all about the tics"  I ask
myself, why is this person adding to the misinformation about Tourette Syndrome "PLUS"?

What about the combination of conditions and how they can change, otherwise Known as new and emerging disorders. Such as Bipolar in boys during puberty.  just like my Bryce......

Both ADHD and Tourette Syndrome are widely believed to be Genetic Brain Disorders. 

Personally, I think there is something in the vaccinations. And if there is, then this would be a cause of these disorders and diseases get passed on to our children...

There are medical professionals that claim Tourette Syndrome is an associated condition of ADHD, while other professionals claim that ADHD is the associated condition of Tourette syndrome.

What is agreed upon is this...when on a tailored treatment plan those of us who suffer from these disorders can lead productive and successful lives.    just like my Bryce.....

I raised Bryce until January 2007. I have lived in Tampa since January 1996. In 1998 Bryce's father left us for a young woman named Patricia Rerisi. They eventually married and later divorced. I divorced him in April 1999 and moved into a two bedroom apartment, my maiden name was restored. Two years later I was now on Section 8 and needed donations. I have remained single by choice.

Sometime in 2006 my former husband told me he could give our son more than I could and that he
would. I wanted our child to have more. I didn't know that David had been enticing Bryce when they spoke on the phone.

More and more our son wanted to go and spend some years living with his father. David told Bryce about his 3 large plasma TVs, we didn't have one. His father also told him there was a dog named Chip waiting for him in the back yard.

A two parent family, two incomes, a big house on a culdesac with lots of
material stuff inside. A gated community and more...

His father David Vandergrift and his then step mother Patricia Vandergrift were well aware of our child's disabilities, and all that was in place for our son to continued succeeding.

In February 2009 Patricia filed for divorce, it was finalized in June 2009. case-2009-CI-02457-
45th Judicial District Court, Bexar County, San Antonio Texas. {06/29/2009 VOL

In the criminal case against Bryce, court personnel write that I left Bryce in Texas and moved back to Florida. No, they were talking about the step mother, fabricating we are the same person. More lies. I never left our child, I am guilty of wanting Bryce to have MORE.

Nick and Bryce's houses were in walking distance.  Bryce met the victims wife and her oldest son Nicholas in May 2009. At this time she was a Speech Pathologist for children with special needs.    just like my Bryce.....

I have documents from Texas that show mr. Vandergrift gave his then wife, patricia vandergrift, and that she was also systematically removing bryce's medications and  his safeguards, in place for his special needs, learning disabilities.

bryce seton vandergrift tourette syndrome and it's comorbidities. 


Neuropsychiatric Evaluation 2003 by the late Dr. Archie Silver. Bryce Seton Vandergrift.

Son, I love you dearly. I'm trying to find help for you. 


OPEN LETTER To Dr. Phil McGraw

Dear, Doctor Phil, INJUSTICE. a mentally ill brain cannot handle defending itself against manipulation. Bryce did NOT shoot anyone. That ...